AKILEINE Dry Foot Nutri-Repair Cream

Moisturizes, nourishes and repairs very dry feet. You will see improvement from the very first application with an immediate and long-lasting (24 hours) hydration. In 7 days, feet are deeply moisturized and cracked and callused skin seems repaired. In 2 weeks, the skin is visibly more attractive and revitalized, feet are soft and silky-smooth. Luxurious rich texture that absorbs very easily, you won’t be left with a sticky or greasy sensation.

  • Very dry feet, mature skin
Instructions for use
  • Use twice daily until skin recovers it softness and suppleness.
  • Do not use on children under 3 years old.
Key ingredients
  • Natural Shea Butter
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Plant Glycerin
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Arnica Oil
  • Iparzine-4A (Asepta Patent)
  • Paraben Free
  • $16.78